Arcade classic Missile Command coming to iPhone

Missile Command art

Atari will release a mobile version of Missile Command for the title's 40th anniversary. The revamped game looks familiar to anyone who has played the 1980 original. However, instead of a track ball, the game will be optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Missile Command: Recharged will also debut on Android devices when it launches later this spring.

Your mission is to save cities from incoming ballistic missiles by launching defenses. The game has updated graphics with a neon look, which Atari describes as a modern take on the arcade classic. Besides using the touch screen to defend cities, gameplay has new features including an upgrade system and power-ups.

According to Polygon, Missile Command: Recharged will be free to play, with a one-time purchase available to remove ads. The title also features an augmented reality (AR) mode, which puts the game into a virtual arcade cabinet.

Missile Command Recharged gameplay

Missile Command is an enduring classic title, which has appeared on countless different computers and game systems over the years following its 1980 arcade debut. In recent years, Atari has updated other famous titles such as Space Invaders and Pac Man for mobile devices.