Arcade classic Missile Command coming to iPhone

Missile Command art

Atari will release a mobile version of Missile Command for the title's 40th anniversary. The revamped game looks familiar to anyone who has played the 1980 original. However, instead of a track ball, the game will be optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Missile Command: Recharged will also debut on Android devices when it launches later this spring.

Atari Redesigns Pong for its 40th Anniversary

Atari has challenged developers to re-imagine the classic video game Pong for iOS devices. The winner of the Indie Developers Challenge will receive a full revenue-share publishing agreement and $50,000 for creating the next App Store "smash hit" for Atari. Runners-up will receive $37,500 for second place and $15,000 for third place. Atari plans to announce the winners on August 2nd.

iPhone Apps

Atari announced the 15 semi-finalists via their official Facebook page. The video game maker also plans to hold other Pong events to commemorate the game's 40th anniversary. You can visit the official Pong Developers Challenge page for more info and contest rules.

Atari Brings 100 Retro Games to iPhone and iPad

For those who remember the good old days of video gaming on the Atari 2600, the most comprehensive retro gaming collecting to hit the App Store is finally here. Atari offers 100 games in total, some which emulate arcade versions of these classics, and others just like the cartridges for Atari's home Video Computer System (VCS). The app, Atari's Greatest Hits, comes with the 1972 arcade version of PONG, with other games available for in-app purchase.

ATARI greatest hits iOS retro gaming

Different packs of four games organized into categories run $0.99 each, but the entire collection of 99 additional games can be had for just $14.99. Downloading the complete collection requires Wi-Fi as the file is 68 megabytes. One modern feature to be added to select games is Bluetooth multi-player functionality so you can compete against others who also have a mobile device running iOS 3.0 or later.

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