How to delete location history from Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps keeps a history of directions and locations visited while using the app. The history makes it easy to revisit a location or remember the address of a location in the future. Of course, not everyone wants a running history of their whereabouts hanging out on their iPhone. Removing all or part of the location history from Apple Maps can be accomplished directly in the app.

Recently viewed locations are organized into sections, such as This Week and This Month. Each section can be deleted in its entirety, or individual places can be removed.

Follow these steps to delete your Apple Maps location history on the iPhone:

  1. Launch the Apple Maps app
  2. Swipe up to reveal the list of places
  3. Apple Maps location history
  4. Tap See All to list the location history
  5. Apple Maps clear location history
  6. Swipe left and tap Remove to delete a location
  7. Apple Maps remove location history
  8. Tap Clear to delete all locations within a section
  9. Apple Maps delete location history