How to use AR walking directions on Apple Maps

Apple Maps walking directions AR

Walking directions just got a big enhancement on the Apple Maps app. iPhone owners with compatible devices can see where they're going with augmented reality (AR). Maps delivers real-time directions superimposed directly over your iPhone's actual surroundings.

To use AR walking directions, the A12 chip or newer is required. This means any iPhones launched from 2018 forward can display AR walking directions. Currently the feature can be used in several cities including London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

More cities will be added. To use AR walking directions, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 15 or later. Follow these steps to enable AR walking directions on Apple Maps:

  1. Open the Apple Maps app
  2. Search for directions and tap the walk button
  3. Aim your iPhone camera at buildings on the street
  4. Maps scans buildings across the street to determine your location
  5. AR directions appear on-screen in real time