iPhone OS: How to zoom in on any screen

Having problems reading the text under an icon on your iPhone? Using an application that won't allow you to zoom in on some details? Left the reading glasses at home?

There's a simple solution built right into your iPhone. Simply follow these instructions to switch on additional gestures that will allow you to zoom in on any screen.

First turn on zoom:

1. Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Zoom
2. Zoom -> ON

Zoom magnifies the entire screen using three-finger gestures. The gestures now activated are:

1. Double-tap with three fingers to zoom.
2. Drag three fingers while zoomed to move around the screen.
3. Double-tap and drag three fingers up or down to change the zoom level.


this applies only to the iphone 3GS apparently.

do you have any answers for the iphone 2g because mine is the first generation 8g and I had this problem before but I dont know howit gotbigger but it did but just now it got small again can you please help me?

how do you do it from an iphone 2g because I dont see the accessability option under general ?