How to change your Zoom background on Mac

How to change your Zoom background on desktop Mac or Windows PC.

Zoom has become one of the most popular virtual meeting platforms during these social-distancing times. If you use it a lot you have probably noticed people changing their backgrounds. This is easily done, so if you want to change your Zoom background on your Mac, here's how to do it (check out these instructions for changing your Zoom background on iPhone or iPad):


How to change your Zoom background on iPhone

How to change your background in Zoom on iPhone and iPad.

Zoom has been a popular meeting tool for businesses for a while now, and with social distancing becoming modus operandi for most of us, it has become commonplace in popular culture as well. If you have been using it to meet up with friends and family, perhaps you've become tired of having the same old background - your bedroom, living room or wherever. Maybe you have noticed some of your friends have exotic backgrounds and you've been wondering how to change yours.


How to enable infinite zoom on iPhone photos

Pinch and zoom gesture iOS

Ever notice the Photos app on iOS only allows the pinch and zoom gesture to zoom in so far? Exceeding the zoom limit on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is possible using a simple trick. There are some caveats, as this process does not always work with photos captured in Square mode on the iPhone camera. This example shows the built-in limits of zooming in Photos.

iPhone OS: How to zoom in on any screen

Having problems reading the text under an icon on your iPhone? Using an application that won't allow you to zoom in on some details? Left the reading glasses at home?

There's a simple solution built right into your iPhone. Simply follow these instructions to switch on additional gestures that will allow you to zoom in on any screen.

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