How do Exposure Notifications protect privacy?

Does Exposure Notifications track my location? Can other people see if I test positive for COVID-19? Does Apple / Google collect my personal information when using Exposure Notifications?

Bluetooth contact tracing

Apple and Google describe Exposure Notifications as "Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing" for COVID-19. The system works across both Android and iOS mobile devices using Bluetooth. The system includes the following features to protect privacy and security:

  • Exposure Notifications does not share location data with Apple, Google, or public health authorities
  • Random Bluetooth identifiers rotate every 10-20 minutes
  • Exposure Notifications are done locally on the device
  • Persons testing positive are not identified to other users, Apple, or Google
  • Exposure Notifications are only used to help COVID-19 contact tracing efforts
  • Apple and Google will switch off the system in regions where it's not needed

iPhone owners can opt out completely and enable or disable Exposure Logging at any time in Settings.