How to search for a song with a hum or whistle

Google song search

Getting the name of a song that's playing can be as easy as launching Shazam from the Control Center. But what happens when the song is only playing in your head? Google has launched a new service to help identify mystery songs with just your voice.

Anyone with an iPhone can launch the search and whistle, hum, or sing a few bars of the song. Google does its best to match these audio patterns with its database. If a match is found, Google shows the closest tunes along with the percent similarity.

To search for a song by humming, singing, or whistling on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the Google app
  2. Tap the microphone search icon
  3. Google search
  4. Tap the Search a song button
  5. Google listen
  6. Hum or whistle the song you want to identify
  7. Google song ID
  8. Google will deliver its best guess in results
  9. Google music results
  10. Tap a song to get more details or play it (when available)
  11. Not your song? Tap the Try again button to redo search