How do I view my Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is an annual breakdown of what songs, artists and podcasts you mostly listened to throughout the year. It typically lists the top genres, songs and artists you enjoyed on the Spotify app, and other trends based on you listening habits, such as newly discovered genres.

Spotify Wrapped

You may have noticed people sharing their Spotify Wrapped on social media and want to participate in all the fun. First you need to have used the Spotify app throughout the year. It can be either the free or paid version. Your Wrapped will automatically appear on the Spotify app once you're logged into your account. You do not have to do anything except tap the Spotify Wrapped banner on the Home page of the Spotify app to watch the video. Your Spotify Wrapped recap will breakdown all your favorite songs, artists and podcasts from throughout the year. You can tap the "Share" button at the end of your recap video to share your Wrapped on social media.

If you do not see the Wrapped banner just be patient. Spotify does not roll out Wrapped to all users at the same time and your video is most likely being generated.

Apple Music has a similar yearly recap for subscribers called the Apple Music Replay.