How to reset a locked iPhone with no computer

iPhone is disabled

Those who have reset an iPhone in the past may remember using a computer and following a complicated series of steps to enter Recovery Mode. iOS 15.2 or later skips the computer by allowing the iPhone to reset all on its own. For anyone who's locked out of their device, a complete reset may be the only way forward. Once the device is reset your data and settings can be restored from an iCloud backup.

Remember, for this process to work your iPhone must have iOS 15.2 or later installed. To restore from a backup without using a computer, you must have a recent iPhone backup saved to iCloud.

Forgot your passcode? Follow these steps to reset a locked iPhone:

  1. Force a Security Lockout by entering wrong passcodes
  2. Tap the Erase iPhone button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap Erase then confirm the Erase
  4. Enter your Apple ID password
  5. Choose Erase to delete all settings and data
  6. After the iPhone restarts, follow the prompts to setup or restore from iCloud backup