How to downgrade from iOS 16 beta to iOS 15

iOS 16 custom home screen

For anyone not loving the latest beta software on their iPhone or iPad, reverting to the previous version is possible. While the Apple Beta Software Program gives brave souls a sneak peek at new features, some may prefer to uninstall iOS 16 beta or avoid it altogether. After all, beta software is still in the testing stages so that problems can be worked out ahead of general release.

Apple does not allow iPhone owners to revert back to old versions of iOS. Once iOS 16 becomes widely available, it too will be a one-way update. For now, the beta version of iOS 16 can be uninstalled and the iPhone restored to iOS 15.

Note: Are you running watchOS 9 beta on your Apple Watch? If so, reverting the iPhone to iOS 15 does not restore the watch to watchOS 8. Apple Watch cannot be downgraded to watchOS 8 without a visit to Apple support.

Restoring the device from a local (non-iCloud) backup is possible, however it must be a backup made with iOS 15. To downgrade using a Mac, the latest version of macOS is required.

Follow these steps to downgrade from iOS 16 beta (or iPadOS 16 beta):

  1. Connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC using a Lightning cable
  2. Put the iPhone in Recovery Mode (Quickly press the Volume Up button -> Quickly press the Volume Down button -> Press and hold the Side button)
  3. When the iPhone enters recovery mode, it displays a Lightning cable graphic
  4. From the pop-up on your computer, click Restore
  5. When the software update window appears click the Install button
  6. Once the iOS 15 restore is complete, you can restore data from an iCloud backup or local backup