iPhone 4G Part Photos Show New Dimensions

Will the next iPhone model be taller than its predecessors by a quarter inch (6 mm)? If these photos are to be believed, iResQ has received fourth-generation parts that show an iPhone with additional space at the top of the device.

apple iphone 4G parts

iResQ acquired the parts as a sample from what they describe as a "reputable source" and note the fact that Apple could still change the design of the next generation iPhone before official release. Pictured above are parts from a 3GS on the left and a 4G iPhone on the right.

Apparently in this new version of the front screen assembly the touch digitizer and LCD are glued together, much like in the original iPhone. The 3G and 3GS models featured LCD screens that could be replaced independently of the digitizer and glass.

What will fill the added space at the top of the 4G iPhone? iResQ speculates that a proximity sensor could go in the space, where there's a reflective surface above the ear speaker.

If so, why would Apple so dramatically change the appearance of the proximity sensor? It could be possible that extra space means additional hardware in the iPhone. With AT&T and Apple now allowing more apps such as VoIP on the 3G network, could the iPhone 4G sport a webcam?

The only thing certain is there will be many more leaks, photos and rumors before the next generation iPhone is officially revealed.


Nooo! Where's the OLED screen?! How's that going to compete with the droid and nexus elegant OLED screens.