iPhone 4G Replacement Screen Featured in Video

The dimensions of the next generation iPhone already made news when alleged photos of a 4G replacement touchscreen and digitizer were released. The newer version was 1/4 inch (6 mm) taller than its predecessor and appeared to have space at the top or even a cutout for a possible front-facing camera.

Now a video of the same part has hit YouTube, and the appearance of the replacement LCD and digitizer assembly looks very similar to the photos we've already seen. Soundtrack selection notwithstanding, this video clearly shows an elongated iPhone screen. That being said, Apple has been known to change specs on its products anytime before launch and will never let on before an official unveiling.

An elaborate hoax? Speculation is rampant thanks to this video that the next generation iPhone display will support a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of the current 4:3 dimensions. The additional space above the screen and near the ear speaker is also up for grabs, with many guessing that a front facing camera is next.

As we previously reported, in the new 4G version of the front screen assembly the touch digitizer and LCD are glued together, much like the original iPhone. The current 3G and 3GS models feature LCD screens that can be replaced independently of the digitizer and glass.

Apple is expected to release the next version of its iPhone this summer, along with iPhone OS 4.0. Just today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was planning to manufacture a Verizon Wireless compatible iPhone starting this September. Their sources indicated that two versions of the iPhone would be sold concurrently later this year, a GSM version for AT&T and a CDMA model on Verizon.