Does the new HomePod sound better than the original HomePod?

Is the HomePod 2 an upgrade? Is audio quality improved on the HomePod second generation?


Apple has not described the HomePod 2 as "better" than the original HomePod. In fact, the two smart speakers are exactly the same at first glance. Besides a different power cord, the HomePod 2nd generation is just 5 millimeters shorter than its predecessor. So which has the best sound?

Thanks to a side-by-side comparison by Macworld, we have the answer. Both the original HomePod and the HomePod 2 have excellent sound quality, but sound output differs slightly.

Despite having less tweeters, the HomePod 2nd gen delivers slightly less bass and a sharper high end. For some genres, this can mean a more balanced and richer sound. However, for listeners who prefer bass-heavy tracks and fuller low end sounds, the original HomePod takes the crown.