Can I remove a playlist from my Spotify recommendations?

How can I exclude songs from my Spotify taste profile? How can I stop a playlist from changing my Spotify recommended songs?

Spotify taste profile

Spotify creates a customized taste profile for each of its subscribers. The taste profile is developed over time based on the listening habits of the user. While this can be a great way to find new music and generate playlists, listening to a few oddball playlists can steer things in the wrong direction.

For example, playing background music at the office or letting a child pick the tunes for a day can result in Spotify making suggestions based on these playlists. Luckily, Spotify includes a feature to prevent a playlist from influencing your personalized taste profile.

Follow these steps to remove a playlist from being considered for your recommendations:
  1. Launch Spotify and open the playlist to exclude
  2. Tap the More (...) button under the playlist title
  3. Choose Exclude from your taste profile