Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons Gets Winter Wonderham Update

Angry Birds fans will be happy to know their favorite game has 25 new levels. Every few months developer Rovio Entertainment expands the lineup of themed Angry Birds Seasons levels and adds them at no additional charge. The Winter Wonderham update brings the total to over 300 levels!

Angry Birds Seasons winter special

Winter Wonderham features a snowy winter landscape with the aurora borealis, and each day leading up to Christmas means a new level will be unlocked. Newcomers to the game can still purchase Angry Birds Seasons from the App Store for only $0.99.

Angry Birds Gets in the Halloween Spirit With 30 New Levels

Coming off the big Angry Birds Star Wars announcement, Rovio has issued a Halloween-themed update to its Angry Birds Seasons game. The update brings 30-levels of haunted pig action, and a new character called Frankenswine.

Players must brave a haunted house with new ghost bricks and ghouls to save their eggs. The update is free for users who've already purchased the iPhone or iPad version of the game.

Angry Birds Seasons Goes Back to School

Angry Birds is back with its latest installment, Angry Birds Seasons Back to School. Not only has developer Rovio launched a new, bubble-blowing bird into the mix, but there are 20 new levels for Angry Birds addicts to explore and conquer. The levels are themed for everyone's favorite September activity, returning to the schoolyard.

Angry Birds back to school

The new bird is a female, sporting pink feathers and blowing bubbles. Although it may look cute, the new bird still packs a punch against those wily pigs. The bubbles grab objects and float them into the air out of place before popping and unleashing havoc and destruction on the ground.

Tiny Tower Beats Top Selling Angry Birds As iPhone Game of the Year

Apple announced their picks for Best iPhone App and Game of the Year on Thursday. Instagram beat out VidRhythm and Band Of The Day for Best App of the Year, and Tiny Tower topped Tiny Wings and Touchgrind BMX for Best iPhone Game of the Year.

iTunes 2011 Rewind

The Best iPad App honors went to Snapspeed, and Dead Space won Game of the Year over Contre Jour HD and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Angry Birds, Pages and GarageBand were some of the top selling iPad apps of the year.

Check out the iTunes 2011 Rewind here. It's like the Oscars for Apps!

Angry Birds Seasons Adds 15 New Easter Levels

As expected, Rovio has released 15 new levels for Angry Birds Seasons to commemorate the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday. Version 1.4.0 for iPhone features pigs with bunny ears and plenty of Easter eggs. There are also bonus levels that can be unlocked by liking the game on Facebook from directly within the app.

Spring Angry Birds Rovio update Easter

The update is free for those who already own Angry Birds Seasons, but if you haven't joined the fun yet it's only $0.99 for all of the holiday levels ($1.99 on the iPad). Previous releases include Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's themed levels with the same basic game that Angry Birds fans have become accustomed to playing. Rovio continues to expand the Angry Birds franchise with new software on the horizon.


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