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Top 13 Scary iOS Games for Halloween

When it comes to Halloween games on the iPhone and iPad everyone has played Angry Birds Seasons and Plants vs. Zombies. Rest assured there are plenty of options that are much more scary to get you in the holiday spirit. Several titles are not only creepy, but you'll be fighting for survival surrounded by blood, gore and monsters.

Zombie Infection iOS

These mobile games take advantage of the touch screen and powerful graphics on iOS devices to deliver an in-depth experience. Here's an alphabetical list of the top 13 scary iOS games for Halloween. Make sure you play these games at night with headphones and turn off the lights.

Thirteen Spooky Halloween iPhone Apps

iTunes normally overflows with holiday spirit and this Halloween is no different. A simple search in the App Store for "Halloween" results in 1,077 iPhone apps. Over one thousand apps? Maybe a more specific search is in order, but in the meantime we're going to narrow it down to the lucky number thirteen. They're all available now for $1.99 or less.

apple iphone app angry birds halloween

GuyPhones Take Over Halloween With iPhone Costumes

Next time your person-sized iPhone is running low on juice just switch out the car battery. John Savio and Reko Rivera are working to recoup their $2,000 investment in two wearable iPhone costumes they crafted for Halloween.

iphone halloween costume

The two guyPhones have been entering costume contests for prize money and have already won $1,000. Using flat screen televisions and modified iPhones they are able to output the video signal from their devices on the front screen of the costume.

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