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How do I create an Apple Music playlist?

One of the best features of Apple Music is the ability to create your own playlists. A playlist is just a collection of songs that you enjoy, like a mixtape from the 80s or 90s. Spotify and Apple Music users also like to create playlists as personal soundtracks for certain scenarios such as running, parties and more. You can add any songs from the Apple Music library to your playlists, and create as many as you want. Here's how to create an Apple Music playlist and add songs:

How to use Apple Music as your alarm

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Thanks to the offline music option in Apple Music you can now make any song in Apple's iTunes library your alarm sound. The process is the same as setting a song in your own library as your alarm, and it does not require a paid subscription. There are a lot of a steps, but it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Here's how to make any Apple Music song your iOS alarm tone:

How do I make songs available for offline listening on Apple Music?

You can download songs from Apple Music for offline listening by tapping the three dots next to the track and selecting "Make Available Offline". Saving tracks to your device for offline listening can help save data when you want to listen to music without a Wi-Fi connection. Remember, you must enable your device to use cellular data if you want to download any songs without a Wi-Fi connection. You can do this in the iTunes & App Store section in the Settings app.

Apple Music Guide: Learn how to navigate Apple's new music streaming service

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Apple Music was not only met with mixed reviews, but it also has iPhone and iPad owners asking a lot of questions. For starters, there is no "Apple Music" app added to your device when you install iOS 8.4. Instead you can find all the Apple Music services, such as the Beats 1 radio station, in your existing Music app, which is now white. Apple Music does not replace your music library. You can still access all the albums and songs you purchased from iTunes or added to your device in the My Music section in the Music app.


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