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Apple: Free iTunes Radio stations going off air

iTunes Radio free

Big changes are coming to streaming music at Apple this month. As of January 28, the only free streaming music channel available from Apple will be Beats 1. The company plans to remove ad-supported iTunes Radio channels, bringing them into the Apple Music fold instead. In two weeks, the free channels will only be available with an Apple Music subscription.

Beatles catalog comes to Apple Music and other popular streaming services

The Beatles Streaming

Beatles fans are getting an early Christmas present this year. The group's music will be available to stream on Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon Prime Music and more starting on Christmas Eve at 12:01 am. The official announcement was made Wednesday on

Pandora is the only major streaming service not getting the Beatles catalog. Spotify users will be able to stream Beatles songs on the free tier of the service.

How to add Apple Music to your Sonos wireless speakers

Apple Music on Sonos

The first official public beta of Apple Music on Sonos is now available for owners of Sonos wireless speakers. This marks the first time that Apple's new music streaming service can be used as a third-party application on a non-mobile device. Apple Music on Sonos will also replace the Beats streaming option currently offered on Sonos products.

Alert: Beats Music content expires on January 19th

Beats Music goodbye

For any Beats Music users who haven't migrated their music, preferences, playlists, and other content to Apple Music, time is running out. Apple announced a deadline of January 19, 2016, after which Beats Music account information will be deleted. Beats Music service was replaced by Apple Music and officially went off the air on November 30.


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