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How to create and customize a radio station on Apple Music

How to create and customize and Apple Music radio station on iPhone and iPad.

An alternative to making a playlist with all of your favorite songs is to create and curate a radio station that plays songs you like. Doing this will not only introduce you to some new music you might like, but it will add some variability to your tunes as well - with a playlist you know exactly what songs to expect, even with shuffle, but a radio station will always give you some new ones. Most music services offer this feature, including Apple Music. Here's how to create and customize a radio station in Apple Music on your iPhone:

How to cancel your Apple Music subscription on iPhone

How to unsubscribe from Apple Music on iPhone and iPad.

If it is time for you to switch your music service from Apple Music to Spotify or something else because you don't like the interface or the library isn't cutting it for you or for any other reason, obviously you'll want to cancel your subscription first. You'll also want to cancel if you have signed up for a free trial period and decide you don't want it, otherwise you will be subscribed automatically and pay $9.99 for the first month after the free period ends.

You can unsubscribe through the app or through Settings, here's how to do it on iPhone and iPad:

How to auto-level volume for tracks in Apple Music

Apple Music

Listening to tracks from a variety of albums on Apple Music can be seamless and convenient. Until you find yourself reaching for the volume buttons too frequently. Depending on the track, the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch may jump in loudness between tracks or different audio sources. There is a simple way to quickly make sure the next song doesn't play too loudly (or softly).

How to join Apple Music and get 3 months free

How to subscribe to 3 free months of Apple Music on iPhone and iPad.

If you are new to iPhone and the Apple ecosystem or you just want to try something other than Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music or whatever service you normally use, Apple Music is worth checking out. It is simple to join and right now you can enjoy its huge music library for three months, free of charge. Here's how to sign up for Apple Music from your iPhone or iPad:

How to change your Apple Music playlists' cover art

How to change your Apple Music playlists cover art on iPhone and iPad.

Whenever you make a new playlist in Apple Music, it will by default use the cover art from the album that the first song in the playlist is from, or it will have the default music note as its cover. You can, however, change the cover art to a photo from your own collection. Giving your playlists custom cover art not only personalizes your collection, but can also help you identify the playlist you want with just a quick glance. Here's how to change your playlists' cover art on iPhone and iPad:


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