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Goldman Sachs seeks Amex takeover to end Apple Card partnership

Apple Card

Goldman Sachs is reportedly seeking to end its partnership with tech giant Apple, as revealed in a new report by The Wall Street Journal. The banking company, which collaborated with Apple for the Apple Card credit card, Apple Pay Later, and the Apple Savings account, is looking to reduce its focus on consumer business. Talks are now underway between Goldman Sachs and American Express (Amex) regarding a potential takeover, which would involve transferring credit card partnerships, including the Apple Card, to another company.

How do I transfer my Apple Pay Cash balance to my bank account?

Money sent to your iPhone or iPad through Apple Pay Cash is added to your Wallet balance (you can learn how to check your balance here). Money posted to your Apple Pay Cash account can be used to make purchases at retail locations where Apple Pay is accepted, within apps and on the web. Money you send to others through the Messages app using Apple Pay Cash will be automatically deducted from your balance before being deducted from your connected debit/credit card.

How to verify your identity with Apple Pay on iPhone

Apple Pay Cash identity verification iPhone

Users of Apple Pay Cash may be asked to verify their identity as they approach the $500 mark of money added or payments received. Beyond this limit, identity verification is required to use the service. Green Dot Bank, which provides the Apple Pay Cash card and person-to-person payments must verify its customers to comply with federal law.

How to send and receive payments with the Messages app on your iPhone

Apple Pay Cash

iOS 11.2 introduces Apple Pay Cash -- a peer-to-peer money transferring service for the iPhone and iPad. It's basically an extension of Apple Pay where you can now send and request payments directly from other iOS users. Previously Apple Pay could only be used to make purchases in stores, on the web and in apps, but now you can use your iPhone to pay your friend back for dinner.


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