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How to surf the world from your Apple TV

TV Maps

Instead of straining to plan your next road trip on your iPhone, you can now view maps on the big screen using your Apple TV. A new app called TV Maps is now available for $1.99 on the App Store and the experience is really cool. The app uses MapKit, the same backend used in Apple's own Maps app, and includes most of the same features.

TV Maps is in its first version and it does experience some minor issues like delays while loading map segments and some stuttering when using Flyover. This may be mostly a RAM issue, but either way it is a slight annoyance while using the app. For the most part, however, TV Maps runs smoothly on the Apple TV. Overall, for a first of its kind tvOS app, it works really well. The experience will feel right at home if you've used Maps for iPhone, iPad or the Mac.

Sonic the Hedgehog now available on Apple TV

Sonic The Hedgehog Apple TV

SEGA has begun porting its popular series Sonic the Hedgehog to the Apple TV. Starting today Sonic fans can download the original game from the Apple TV App Store. SEGA will then release Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on March 24, followed by Sonic CD on March 31. The games will also be playable across all iOS devices. This means anyone who has already downloaded Sonic on their iPhone or iPad will be able to access it on their Apple TV for free by downloading it from the ‘Not on This Apple TV’ section.

Fourth-generation Apple TV gains universal search for four new channels

Modern Family Apple TV 4

Universal search was one of the new features that made Apple fans excited about the release of the Apple TV 4, but upon launch it only worked with iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime. Apple has promised to expand the search with updates and so far it has kept that promise by adding the feature to several channels, including FOX NOW, FX NOW, National Geographic, PBS and PBS Kids. Today Apple also added the feature to Watch ABC, Disney XD, Disney Channel and Disney Jr. The update today brings the total universal search sources to 14.

How to delete, quit and rearrange apps on the fourth-generation Apple TV

Apple TV

The fourth-generation Apple TV is the first Apple set top box that allows users to download and install third-party apps. This includes games which can be played using the Siri Remote or third-party MFi controllers. This means that users are capable of deleting apps or games from their Apple TV for the first time. Here's how to interact with apps on your Apple TV 4.


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