Can I use my iPhone 4 data plan on the iPad 3G?

Officially the answer is no. Swapping micro-SIM cards from the iPhone 4 to the iPad 3G will violate your AT&T contract and terms of use, etc.

That being said, it is possible to use your iPhone 4 data plan on an iPad 3G without jailbreaking. Follow these steps at your own risk:

1. Make sure 3G cellular data is off on the iPad. To turn this off go to Settings -> Cellular Data -> Cellular Data -> OFF

2. Remove the SIM card trays from each device using a SIM removal tool or a paper clip. The micro-SIM cards and trays are small so handle with care.


iPhone 4 Data Plan Works on iPad 3G (No Jailbreak!)

Ever wondered if you could swap out the micro-SIM card in your iPhone 4 to get free data from AT&T on the iPad 3G? Well stop wondering. Turns out a simple change to APN settings on the iPad makes it possible to use the iPhone 4 data plan on Apple's tablet. No jailbreaking or SIM card modifications required.

apple iphone data plan on ipad 3g

As the helpful folks over at TUAW explain, the procedure is quite simple but does involve many small parts. Carefully use a SIM removal tool or paper clip to open the SIM trays on your iPhone 4 and iPad 3G. Don't mix up the trays and keep track of which card came from which device! When the iPhone 4 micro-SIM is safely inside the iPad 3G, all you need to do is make a change to the APN settings on the iPad.

AT&T Network Blamed for Slow iPhone 4 Uploads

Early reviewers were impressed with the improved upload speeds on the iPhone 4 after launch day. Everything has changed starting this weekend, with users around the country complaining that uploads are now having trouble keeping at 100 kilobits per second. Previous reports clocked the new HSUPA chipset uploading at over 15 times this speed.

att bandwidth upload problem

Sending photos and posting videos becomes difficult with such a slow connection. AT&T has been accused of capping upstream bandwidth without notifying customers, however new information points to a possible software problem. AppleInsider reports that AT&T is working on a fix.

How can I completely erase all personal data from / reset my iPhone?

You may need to wipe your iPhone in order to sell it or get the device serviced or replaced. After all, the iPhone is a treasure trove of personal data with access to contacts, online accounts, and more.

To erase your personal data from the iPhone follow these steps:

1. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to back up your data for future use
2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset
3. To reset all settings to factory defaults without deleting your music, contacts, etc. choose "Reset All Settings"


AT&T Restructures iPhone Service Plans

AT&T has announced a drop in pricing on the unlimited voice and data plan for iPhone. Previously, iPhone owners could purchase unlimited calling minutes and data for $130 monthly. The new unlimited plan drops this price by $30 to $100 per month.

The company subsequently dropped their Nation 1350 plan, which had offered 1350 calling minutes and unlimited data for $110. The next step down on the plan ladder is now the Nation 900 plan, offering 900 calling minutes and unlimited data for $90.


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