Original iPhone to be Completely Useless in 2017

Old iPhone lovers, your vintage smartphone circa 2007 will be limited to Wi-Fi only in less than five years. AT&T Mobility plans to take the 2G (EDGE) data network offline by January 1, 2017 which will leave original iPhone users without a cellular data connection.

AT&T ditching EDGE network

Currently 12 percent of AT&T customers with data contracts have devices limited to EDGE, which amounts to 8.4 million subscribers. Before panic sets in, AT&T has explained they will help customers transition to more modern devices ahead of the switch. The company needs as much spectrum as possible to support newer, faster networks including 3G and LTE.

AT&T Launches New Data Plan Calculator to Help You Understand the Meaning of Sharing

AT&T has announced that its new Mobile Share plans will be available starting Thursday, Aug. 23. The carrier has also launched a Mobile Share planner to help families prepare for the upcoming changes if they choose to switch.

AT&T Mobile Share

The new plans are designed to help new and existing subscribers share data on up to 10 devices. Users who sign up for the Mobile Share plan will also enjoy unlimited voice minutes, text messages and free mobile hotspot capabilities. Existing members are not required to switch to a new plan, but they can do so without a contract extension. At least one smartphone is required to be part of each AT&T Mobile Share group.

Keep Track of Your Cellular Data Usage With WeeTrackData

WeeTrackData may have a scary sounding name, but it's the perfect app for people with limited data volumes. The jailbreak app allows you to set up a monthly data limit and keep track of your usage in the Notification Center. The data is broken down by monthly usage, weekly usage and daily usage. You can view the different stats by simply swiping left to right.

Jailbreak Apss

Once setup in the Notifications panel via the Settings app, the widget will keep track of your usage in realtime. You can then enter your billing cycle and monthly data threshold using the widget's settings. After everything is complete your Notification Center will display your download and upload stats, signal strength and percentage.

AT&T Fixing iPhone 4 Upload Speed Problems

AT&T is now patching a software bug on Alcatel Lucent 3G network equipment that was slowing upload speeds on the iPhone 4. The device is the only smart phone on AT&T's cellular data network that uses HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access). Only HSUPA is affected by the problem, meaning download speeds do not suffer.

att bandwidth upload problem

Laptop Connect cards also use HSUPA, so they are having the same upload speed problems as the iPhone 4. Previous models of the iPhone were not equipped to take advantage of superior HSUPA upload speeds. The AT&T upload speed problem was first reported by iPhone 4 users three weeks ago.

Can I use my iPhone 4 data plan on the iPad 3G?

Officially the answer is no. Swapping micro-SIM cards from the iPhone 4 to the iPad 3G will violate your AT&T contract and terms of use, etc.

That being said, it is possible to use your iPhone 4 data plan on an iPad 3G without jailbreaking. Follow these steps at your own risk:

1. Make sure 3G cellular data is off on the iPad. To turn this off go to Settings -> Cellular Data -> Cellular Data -> OFF

2. Remove the SIM card trays from each device using a SIM removal tool or a paper clip. The micro-SIM cards and trays are small so handle with care.



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