Protect Your Personal Data From the iPhone 2.0.2 Firmware Security Flaw

Many iPhone users have used the passcode lock feature to protect personal data. So everyone's information is safe and secure, right? Turns out it can easily be viewed without the password if the phone has been updated to firmware version 2.0.2. Even if the phone is locked, in emergency call mode a double-click of the home button brings up favorite contacts.

This alone might not be a problem, except that from this screen dialing provides access to the full contacts list, voicemail, and dial keypad. From the contacts list, sending a text opens the SMS application and text history. One click on an email address opens the mail application and all of your mailboxes. Similarly, any links in emails or contacts will open Safari, including history and bookmarks.

How can I completely erase all personal data from my jailbroken iPhone?

Chances are if you're returning your iPhone or considering selling it in order to upgrade, admist recent reports of refurbished iPhones still containing personal data, you are going to want to do everything you can to insure your iPhone is as clean and clear as can be.

Thanks to a recent article on iPhoneAtlas, you can now take extra steps to protect your personal information. These steps require a jailbroken iPhone, and are outlined as follows:


Can I turn off data roaming on my iPhone?

No doubt you've heard horror stories about multi-thousand dollar bills iPhone owners have received from their service providers when going overseas and using the iPhone's data features on a foreign network. Many service providers are charging exorbitant fees to their customers for data roaming.

Luckily, with the introduction of iPhone firmware 1.1.1 there's a way to turn off data roaming so you can be sure you won't get shocked with a big bill.

Head to Settings -> General -> Network and turn data roaming to OFF.



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