How to Monitor Your iPhone Data Usage

iOS 6 added the ability to check how much data you use but it didn't reveal the breakdown of your usage. Luckily Apple remedied the situation with iOS 7 by adding a System Services feature that tells you how much cellular data you are using per app. This is a great tool for helping you pick a data plan, or to see why you tend to go over your data plan each month. Here's how to check your cellular data usage in iOS 7.

How to Monitor Cellular Data

First open your Settings app and tap the tab marked "Cellular". It is located right underneath the Bluetooth settings. Scroll down until you see your Call Time log and Cellular Data Usage stats. Just below Current Period Roaming you will see an alphabetical list of all the apps which you allow to use cellular data. If you scroll down further, you will see the Systems Services option.

Does the iPhone 5s support LTE Advanced?

No, the iPhone 5s cannot take advantage of LTE Advanced network speeds. Previous iPhone models, including the iPhone 5c also do not support the technology.

LTE Advanced cellular data networks are just coming online, with mobile device makers looking to incorporate compatible radios in the near future. In the meantime access is limited. Apple does not currently manufacture an LTE Advanced compatible iOS device.

logo LTE advanced

KnowMyApp Website Reveals Mobile App Data Usage

Wireless telecommunications trade group CTIA - The Wireless Association has launched, a website dedicated to measuring the data usage of mobile apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems. Their objective is to inform consumers and developers about various apps' data usage and efficiency before they are purchased and downloaded.


CTIA has partnered with Intertek Testing Services North America to provide this information, and currently offers data usage estimates on about 50 of the top paid and free apps in both the Apple and Google stores. Estimates are derived from information gathered by AT&T's Application Resource Optimizer (ARO) diagnostic

How can I turn off cellular data for an iOS app?

iPhone and iPad users who are watching their data usage might notice that some apps are data hogs. While the data allotment might be limited on a monthly basis, this doesn't mean that iOS apps will always wait for a Wi-Fi connection to transfer information.

There is a fix, which will limit which apps are allowed to connect using cellular data, and which apps are limited to Wi-Fi only. Here's how to configure apps to stop using up your mobile data plan:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Cellular
2. Scroll down to USE CELLULAR DATA FOR


AT&T to Drop Traditional Data Plans for New Customers

Big changes are coming for customers who sign up to start AT&T Mobility service later this month. The mobile carrier has decided to nix its traditional service plans once and for all. Existing customers will not be affected unless they actively change their current subscription plan. So what exactly will AT&T offer instead of standard per-device monthly service?

AT&T data plan change

AT&T began offering its Mobile Share plans last summer, which allow customers to share a data allotment among several devices with unlimited talk and text. Each device is charged a monthly fee on top of the pooled data price. The more data that is purchased the cheaper it becomes to connect each individual device to the plan.


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