Free iPhone App Allows You to Search Gmail, Google Drive, and Dropbox Simultaneously

Tired of having to search Gmail, Google Drive or Dropbox individually while trying to locate an individual file? A new app by Peoplematics allows you to search for emails and files on your iPhone at the same time. Findit features a simple UI that is easy to use, but where it really shines is how you are able to search for items. The app allows you to search for a file or email by entering a person's name, a time or what type of file you're looking for. The time and type options are interesting features because you may not always remember the name of a file you're looking for, but you may remember when you downloaded it, or what type of file it is.

FindIt by Peoplematics

You can either begin a search by typing in a keyword, or by tapping one of the three search categories. For example, you can tap the "Search by time" option, then select a time frame, and then add a keyword to narrow your search. The UI is really simple to use, and the many search options plus filters allow you to easily narrow your searches down until you find what you're looking for. However, there are not many options once you locate the file.

Gmail App For iPhone and iPad Officially Available For Download

Google has officially launched its Gmail App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new "time-saving" app offers notification badges for new messages, easier message searching, threaded conversations, and e-mail address auto-complete.

Gmail app

There is also a Priority Inbox for important messages and a labeling system/spam filter. A simple swipe down refreshes your inbox, and a right swipe quickly reveals your labeled e-mails. The iPad version offers a split view for reading your messages while viewing your inbox.

Why the Gmail iPhone App Will Beat iOS Mail

Google gets credit for Gmail's sharp mobile web interface on the iPhone, however despite several native apps available from the company we have yet to see Gmail for iOS. This could all be set to change, as a Gmail app is said to be on its way to iTunes. Google has not made any official comment about a possible iPhone and iPad mail application, but observers think the time is right considering Apple's launch of iOS 5 Notification Center.

Gmail iPhone app

Sources have told tech reporter MG Siegler that the Gmail iOS app has already been submitted for review and should be released shortly. Besides Gmail's powerful search capabilities, push notifications would make the app infinitely more useful for iPhone owners. Unfortunately reading Gmail on the iPhone currently does not provide a push option.


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