How to change the default save location for iOS Files

iOS 11 Files app

One of the great features of iOS 11 and later is the Files app. Saving and browsing files directly on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch now has native support. Not only can files be stored locally on the device, but iOS can take advantage of cloud-based storage solutions such as iCloud or Dropbox. Individual apps can even be configured to use different locations for file storage by default.

How do I give someone the ability to edit documents in a shared Dropbox folder?

Dropbox allows you to grant other people the ability to edit documents in shared folders within both the desktop and mobile apps. Anyone with "edit access" can view, edit and comment on a shared file. All changes made to the file will be shared with everyone who has access to the shared folder. Here's how to grant someone edit access in the iOS app on the iPhone:


Dropbox Gets iOS 8 Extension and Shared Links

Dropbox for iOS has recently received useful new features in version 3.7 on the iTunes Store. The ubiquitous cloud storage solution provides access to photos and documents from any compatible iOS device. Now the Dropbox app includes an Action Extension for iOS 8, which allows the user to save files directly to Dropbox from a standard app share sheet.

iOS 8 Dropbox extension”  title=

In order to use the Dropbox extension, toggle the Dropbox extension by navigating to the More menu from a share sheet. Once enabled, the Save to Dropbox button will appear automatically. Tapping this button will open the Dropbox dialog, which makes it possible to name the file and save to a location in your Dropbox folder. Files will upload to the cloud after tapping Save.


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