How to share multiple photos and videos in a single Instagram post

How to post multiple photos and videos in a single Instagram post on iPhone and iPad.

In a recent update Instagram allowed for posting up to 10 photos and/or videos in a single post in your Feed, rather than posting them all individually. The post will have an icon that lets viewers know there are more photos, and the blue dots at the bottom of the post will indicate that they can swipe over to see more. Here’s how to do it:

How to create collections in Instagram

How to create collections in Instagram on iPhone and iPad.

Instagram offers a couple ways to return to posts that you liked or found interesting. The app keeps track of every post that you have ever "liked" so you can return to them in the future, but this can quickly turn into a huge quantity to search through. You can also save posts even if you didn't "like" them, but again, this can become a mess to sort through as well.

How do I filter comments on my Instagram posts?

Aside from blocking posters altogether, you can also make sure no profanity is in the comments on your posts by adding filters. To filter the comments on your posts, tap on your profile, then tap on the gear icon. Scroll down to comments and tap on it, then toggle on "Hide Inappropriate Comments." This will automatically hide any previous and future comments that contain profanity (Instagram has a default list of profanities). You can also include words in a custom list by tapping on the box below and entering any words you want blocked, separated by commas.


How do I save somebody's post on Instagram?

While Instagram keeps track of any posts that you've liked so you can see them again, that can become a lot of posts to sift through, and you might not necessarily want to return to a post just because you liked it. A better way to keep track of posts that you know you'll want to view again in the future is to save them. To save a post, simply tap the bookmark icon on the right of the screen, beneath the photo.



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