How to download your personal data from Instagram

After the Facebook data breach, Instagram promised to release a data downloading tool for users to obtain a copy of what they shared on the social media app. Users will be able to use the tool to download their Instagram photos, videos and messages. Today the company made good on their promise by rolling out a Data Download tool to all users.

How to use hashtags in your Instagram posts

How to use hashtags in Instagram on iPhone and iPad.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram audience, using hashtags will certainly be a part of your strategy. The hashtag, if you are new to the concept, is basically a tool used to organize and navigate content on social media sites. For example, if you are looking for Instagram posts about skiing, you might search for #skiing, which may lead you to a post about skiing in Vail that may be tagged with #skiing and #skivail, at which point you could narrow down to just posts about Vail by clicking on the #skivail hashtag.

How to cross-post your Instagram Stories to Facebook from iPhone

How to automatically post your Instagram stories to Facebook stories on iPhone and iPad.

"Stories" became an instant success when Snapchat introduced the feature in late 2013, so much so that Facebook-owned Instagram basically cloned it, called it the same thing and also found enormous success. Facebook's Messenger and WhatsApp added similar features and earlier this year Facebook itself added its own novelly named "Stories" feature. Unlike its predecessors though, Facebook's version has been a dismal failure so far.

Apple joins Instagram to showcase iPhone photos

Instagram @apple #ShotoniPhone

Apple has been expanding its "Shot on iPhone" ad campaign for some time through various media channels. Now the company has launched an official Instagram page at @apple to showcase iPhone images. The photos come from iPhone users across the globe. Apple says anyone using the hashtag #ShotoniPhone will put their photos in the running to be featured on @apple.


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