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3G iPhone NOT Released at 2008 WWDC, but Coming Very Soon

As expected, Apple has announced the arrival of the second generation 3G iPhone. The announcement occured just moments ago at this years WWDC (world wide developers conference) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Steve Jobs announced the next generation Apple iPhone and all its glory to a crowd of anxious observers who had many a set of cross fingers anticipating the announcement.

iphone 2.0 road sign

However, despite the formal announcement and the presentation of a ton of new information about the new 3G iPhone, it won't be available immediately as many had predicted. Instead, the 3G iPhone will be released worldwide on

Developers Show Off Tons of Exciting New iPhone Apps at the WWDC

Apple and some of their featured developers spent a good deal of time showing off some of the new and exiting native applications coming with the official release of the iPhone 2.0 software/firmware. Developers included SEGA, TypePad, eBay, and Loopt - who showed off their very cool social networking application with location based services. Below is a little bit of information on some of the applications developers presented.


As you can imagine, SEGA was there to announce a native game for the iPhone (presumably you weren't expecting an office productivity application from SEGA). In this case it was the well-known SEGA classic Super Monkey Ball. The SEGA

Apple Online Store Down Pending Expected iPhone 2 Release

Within the last couple of hours, Apple has taken down their online retail store. This is standard practice for Apple when they are adding new products and services to the online store. This serves as further indication that the iPhone 2 may be released at this years WWDC, which kicks off in less than an hour at 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT.

apple store down pending 3g iphone release?

Although the release of the 3G, second generation iPhone at today's June 9th WWDC has been rumored for some time, it has never been confirmed. However, the doubters seem few and far between at this point. Major news outlets have been


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