iPhone 7

Can I swim with the iPhone 7?

Yes. But not without exception.

An IP67 rating means you can immerse your iPhone 7 in liquid for up to 30 minutes, without worry of damaging it, but only to depths up to 1m.

Want to snap a shot of your kids swimming in the pool this summer? Feel free to wade in the low end, but leave the deep end and the diving board out of it. Keep your iPhone no deeper than 1m (3.28 feet) under the surface.


The iPhone 7 is rated IP67. What does this mean?

An IP rating is made up of two numbers.

The first number in the IP rating pertains to how well a device is protected from solid materials (think sand, dirt, dust and so on).

A rating of 6 means the device is completely protected from dust and other solid materials.

The second number in the IP rating pertains to how well a device is protected from liquids (think soup, milkshakes, beer and, of course, water).

A rating of 7 indicates that the device is protected from immersion in liquids at depths up to 1m for a time period of up to 30 minutes.


Apple accidentally leaks new wireless Beats products

Beats by Dre

As many Apple fans already know, the longest and most repeated iPhone 7 rumor is that the next-generation device will ship without a headphone jack, and today Apple may have accidentally confirmed the reports ahead of its upcoming keynote on September 7. A leaked email sent out by the Beats’ PR team to the French press (via Independent) referenced "new products from Beats by Dre.” The email notes that a selection of new products from Beats by Dre will be revealed at the iPhone 7 keynote later this week. The leak has sparked further speculation that the new Beats accessories will be headphones to go along with Apple's new iPhone 7.


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