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TomTom Drops iPhone App Price to $50

For a limited time TomTom has released a US-only version of its GPS navigation iPhone application for $49.99. Normally the application includes US and Canadian maps for double the price ($99.99).

The separate car kit accessory dock is available for $119.95 and includes an external speaker and built-in GPS. The car kit also charges the iPhone when docked using the car 12 VDC cigarette lighter adaptor.

IMDb App Comes to iPhone

IMDb has made it to iPhone! The IMDb application is available now for free on the App Store. Look up every piece of information you could possibly want to know about your favorite movies.

iphone app imdb

The application provides free access to the entire contents of IMDb (Internet Movie Database). No more poking around with Safari to get information.

Now iPhone Transcribes Your Speech

Forget the iPhone virtual keyboard. Thanks to the Dragon Dictation iPhone application from Nuance you have a personal assistant to transcribe your emails and texts. The app records your voice and sends the information to Nuance's servers.

What comes back is text that can be pasted directly into an email, SMS or sent to the clipboard for use in other applications. According to the developers, transcription is five times faster than typing. The app uses a single button to start recording.

iPhone Calling Issues? Report Them to AT&T

The exclusive US carrier for Apple's iPhone has released an application devoted to reporting problems with their network. AT&T will even send a free SMS to confirm receipt of your feedback.

iphone app problem report

The exact latitude and longitude of the occurrence along with specifics of the problem are sent directly from the application. The main menu offers options including Dropped Call, Failed Call, No Coverage, Data Failure and Poor Voice Quality.

102,132 Approved iPhone Apps and Counting

Right now 93,395 iPhone applications are currently available on Apple's App Store, but there are almost 9,000 more that have already been approved. This means that any day now the App Store will surpass a magic number of 100,000 apps for sale.

i am rich iphone app

Too bad only 0.176% of those can be installed on the iPhone at once. Just one month ago Apple announced that there were 85,000 applications available via iTunes. One year ago there were 10,000 apps available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


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