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Review: Q minimalistic iPhone dock

Q iPhone Dock

Q is a beautiful machine crafted iPhone dock for Apple fans looking for a simple way to charge their device. The minimalistic block is nothing more than a stainless steal cube combined with the original Apple Lightning cable. It is for iOS users who hate clutter but want a dedicated space on their desk, nightstand or other surface for storing and charging their iPhone.

The Q iPhone dock doesn't include any software or fancy features. It's just a clean looking cube that not only compliments the minimalist design of the iPhone, but will also add a bit of class to your office, den or even kitchen.

Apple now sells an official Lightning dock for iPhone 6

iPhone Lightning Dock official

Apple has released an update to its official Lightning dock, making the accessory fully compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 5, 5s and 5c owners as well as those with an iPod touch sporting a Lightning connector can also join in the fun. Much like previous designs the iPhone sits upright when docked, and can be docked with Apple-designed cases installed.

Apple Brings Back the Official iPhone Dock for $29

There was a time when Apple sold iPhone docks, but with the iPhone 5 the company decided to leave the dock business to third-party accessory manufacturers. Fast forward to now, and Apple has decided to offer two different Lightning connector docks for $29 each. One will be designed for the iPhone 5 and 5s, while the other will fit the colorful iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5s dock iPhone 5c

Made of white plastic, these new Apple docks look similar in appearance to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G docks, which are still available in the Apple Store online. The simple base connects via the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone, holding the device up. These updated Apple docks feature special audio porting for better clarity during speakerphone calls

Apple Wins Major iPhone Patents Including Smaller Dock Connector

Apple has recently been awarded a long list of patents related to the iPhone according to a report from Patently Apple. One of the most important is a patent detailing the user interface that iOS uses to display electronic lists and documents. It may not sound like much, but this covers a wide range of functions seen on many smartphones today.

iPhone 5 concept rendering

Not only this, but a patent for a smaller dock connector looks similar to leaked parts and rumors suggesting that the next generation iPhone will sport a 19-pin connector. The iPhone 5 renderings above reflect an artist's conception of the port, which would shave valuable space off of the existing 30-pin connector.

MagSafe Cable Accessories Coming to iPhone / iPad?

Apple's MagSafe connectors were first introduced in 2006 and are currently only available on various MacBook notebook computers and the Apple LED Cinema Display. Turns out Apple is still working on patents to expand use of the technology to more of its products, namely future models of the iPhone and iPad.

Apple MagSafe iPhone patent

The magnetic connectors described in a patent discovered by AppleInsider would bring MagSafe functionality to a new level with a universal, programmable cable. The idea is that different pin configurations could be used to connect different devices by deploying the correct number of programmable magnetic pins on the fly.


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