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Where can I download iOS 8.x firmware / IPSW files for the iPhone 5c?

The iPhone 5c is basically iPhone 5 hardware in a bright plastic case. It shares internal parts such as the A6 processor and 4-inch Retina display. The device originally shipped with iOS 7 installed. Here are links to the official iOS 8 IPSW files for the iPhone 5c:

iPhone 5c (AT&T / GSM) iOS 8.1.1: iPhone5,3_8.1.1_12B435_Restore.ipsw

Where can I download iOS 8.x firmware / IPSW files for the iPhone 4s?

The iPhone 4s is capable of running a limited version of the iOS 8 update. While some features are disabled on the older hardware, Apple has included performance enhancements for the 4s in version 8.1.1. Here are links to official IPSW files for the iPhone 4s.

iPhone 4s iOS 8.1.1: iPhone4,1_8.1.1_12B435_Restore.ipsw
iPhone 4s iOS 8.1.0: iPhone4,1_8.1_12B411_Restore.ipsw

iOS 7 Jailbreakers Can Safely Install iOS 7.0.3

While a jailbreak solution for iOS 7 may not yet exist, every new firmware release means waiting for the all-clear from someone in the know. Apple could close the door on potential exploits at any time, so fans of jailbreaking should never rush into an update. Luckily, the evad3rs have already checked out iOS 7.0.3.

iOS 7.0.3 safe

The verdict? Updating to the latest version of iOS will not interfere with a future jailbreak. When it comes to iOS 7, evad3rs member planetbeing previously explained that the team was in a "reconnaissance phase" to determine if their existing iOS exploits still work.

iOS 7.0.2 Update Released, No Threat to Future Jailbreak

iOS 7 users can grab the recently released 7.0.2 update using iTunes or over-the-air (OTA). The firmware update from Apple includes a security fix that plugs holes which allow someone to bypass the lock screen passcode. The vulnerability was first disclosed by Jose Rodriguez on YouTube. Although it may be difficult to reproduce, the bug made it possible to bypass the passcode with a sequence of inputs.

iOS 7.0.2 update security

The steps involve accessing the Control Center from the lock screen, then opening the alarm clock application. After this, holding down the sleep/wake button until the iPhone displays slide to power off leads to the next step. Touching the Cancel button and quickly double pressing the home button launches the app switcher without a passcode. Obviously, this provides access to any running or recently opened apps with no passcode entry required.


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