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Apple Working on iOS 6.0.1 Firmware Update

A round of bug fixes and improvements is on the way for iOS 6 users across the globe. Apple is reportedly testing iOS 6.0.1 firmware and will release the update in the coming weeks. An inside source also told BGR that a further update to iOS 6.1 will not be ready for release until after the new year. Apple has just started testing this version, which looks unlikely to ship on the iPad mini.

iOS 6.0.1 update

When it comes to iOS 6.0.1, issues that will be addressed include two of the top five iPhone 5 bugs, problems and complaints that have been making headlines and filling user support forums. Scott Forstall is said to have personally emailed one iOS 6 user verifying the iPhone keyboard glitch is a software bug that will be fixed.

Where can I download iOS 6.x firmware files for the iPhone 3GS?

Apple decided to support the iPhone 3GS with iOS 6, although with the release of the iPhone 5 the hardware is now discontinued. Some features are limited on the older hardware, however iOS 6 is available for OTA or iTunes-based update for 3GS owners.

iPhone 3GS firmware version iOS 6.0.0 can be found here: iPhone2,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw

Downgrade iPhone 4 / 3GS from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1

Do you miss Google Maps? Did the iOS 6.0 update shorten battery life on your A4 device? Whether you upgraded by mistake, or you're just looking to bring back the older firmware, now you can downgrade your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS to iOS 5.1.1. The following iOS downgrade instructions work on most A4 devices, including the iPod touch 4G.

downgrade A4 to iOS 5.1.1

Now that Apple has stopped signing older firmware, you must have your SHSH blobs saved for iOS 5.1.1 for this procedure to work properly. Downgrading will also require that you have the appropriate IPSW firmware file downloaded to your computer. You can grab iOS 5.1.1 for the iPhone 4 here, or for the iPhone 3GS at this link. Make sure you know where this IPSW file is saved before starting the instructions below.

iOS 6 Makes its Debut in iPhone App Developer Logs

Like clockwork, the next version of Apple's mobile operating system has been spotted by developers. The company routinely tests new versions of iOS ahead of release, and iOS 6 is no different. Some reports claim Apple will announce some of the firmware's features at WWDC in early June.

Apple iOS 6 developer log

Apple is planning some significant changes to iOS 6, including replacing Google maps with its own software. Another reported change would allow developers to create applications that interact with Siri.


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