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5 Battleplans tips that will lead you to victory

Battleplans iOS

The brilliant fantasy warfare game Battleplans has finally made its way to iOS devices. This innovative strategy game features strategy elements that make games like Clash of Clans so popular, but manages to stand out from the leaders of the genre based on its greater emphasis on defensive strategy and troop management.

Verreciel is a gaming app that offers something different

Verreciel iOS vector game

There may be no shortage of incredible iOS games, but as an iPhone user, it’s easy to fall into a download rut that sees you continuously turn to the same old arcade ports, endless runners, puzzle games and other common titles that dominate the marketplace.

These games may be perfect for providing short bursts of amusement on the go, but sometimes you crave something that offers a little more. A game that provides entertainment that goes beyond tapping your phone at the right time. A game that’s going to ask more from you than just some well-timed screen taps. A game that... well, a game that’s a little different.

Activision launches Skylanders Battlecast to the Apple App Store

After dominating the interactive toy / video game market, Activision has set its sights on mobile users by bringing its popular Skylanders series to the App Store as a collectible card game. Skylanders Battlecast is a Hearthstone-like title where players can unlock and collect 300 Character, Spell, Gear and Relic cards from the Skylanders universe.


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