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iPhone OS 3.1 Will Paste Video to Email

We've seen how to paste full-resolution photos into email using iPhone OS 3.0. The latest reported changes to firmware 3.1 will allow even more functionality by making it possible for users to paste full-resolution video directly to email.

As seen in this video, it's a simple process. Just hold down and use the copy function, then switch to email and paste. This feature is illustrated using iPhone OS 3.1 beta 3, which was just released this week.

Apple Expected to Release iPhone SMS Fix

A massive iPhone security flaw was illustrated on Thursday by Charlie Miller and Collin Mulliner at the Black Hat 2009 conference in Las Vegas. Word of the demonstration had been brewing for days, however Apple has remained silent on the issue.

The problem makes it possible for iPhones to receive binary programs through SMS messages without the user's knowledge. These programs can then give someone using the exploit complete control over the device.

iPhone OS 3.1 Features and Improvements

iPhone OS 3.1 beta versions have already been seeded to developers, meaning an update for the general public is imminent. Apple released iPhone OS version 2.1 only a month after 2.0 was made available last year.

apple iphone 3.1

The iPhone 3GS hit store shelves on June 19th running iPhone OS 3.0, and reports have indicated that millions of iPhone 3G and original iPhone owners have already upgraded their operating system. The new version includes 46 security fixes and new features such as copy and paste. So will it be worth upgrading again so soon?

New Photo of Matte iPhone 3.0 Cover Leaks

Check out this photo of the black iPhone 3G next to what is purported to be the next generation iPhone. The matte finish on the new device to the left is clearly visible, although the model number is not.

apple iphone 3.0 matte black 4g

Previous leaked photos of the matte iPhone 3.0 have indicated the model number A1303. The older photos looked like metal may have been used for the back casing, however recent tips have pointed to the possibility of a matte plastic back.

iPhone 3.0 Concept Illustrates Black Bezel Look

Twitpic user Carniphage has posted a mockup to MacRumors of what the next generation iPhone 3.0 might look like, based on the "4G" bezel that appeared on the website of a Chinese parts seller. Here's the artist's rendition:

apple iphone 3.0 black bezel

Great work, especially using only a few photos of the black iPhone bezel as a basis for the concept. The shape of the black bezel is clearly different from the iPhone 3G, with the speaker much closer to the edge of the device.


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