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Apple Investigating iPhone 3.1 Battery Drain

One of the most common problems reported with the iPhone 3.1 firmware update is significantly reduced battery life. Apple has noticed the issue, and some AppleCare employees have sent requests for more information from affected users.

Until now, Apple has recommended that 3.1 problems can be solved either with a hard reboot or a complete restore using iTunes. The restore method results in a reset iPhone and the owner has to reconfigure settings from scratch.

AT&T Developing New iPhone Features

With the upcoming late release of MMS for the iPhone, AT&T is struggling to maintain a positive image with its subscribers. Reports have suggested their latest efforts will either come under the category of "too little, too late" or "my iPhone has more features on AT&T."

iphone exclusive features att

Reports are circulating that the company is developing features for the iPhone that will be exclusive to AT&T, even after the iPhone is available on other carriers in the US. Improvements in the works mainly add features to the existing visual voicemail system.

iPhone Will Finally Get MMS on AT&T

Only three short weeks until AT&T activates iPhone MMS on the 3G and 3GS. The company announced today that service would be made available via software update on September 25.

iphone att mms

AT&T has been coping with an onslaught of data usage, and they expect the situation will get worse as soon as iPhone users start texting with pictures and videos. Wireless use on the AT&T network has grown 350 percent year-over-year for the past two years. The company released the following announcement:

Apple iPhone Firmware 3.0.1 Available Now

Apple has released version 3.0.1 of the iPhone OS software. This fixes the recently revealed SMS security flaw. The security hole was illustrated on Thursday by Charlie Miller at the Black Hat 2009 conference in Las Vegas.

iPhone owners can download and install the 3.0.1 update using iTunes immediately. Left unpatched, the problem makes it possible for iPhones to receive malicious binary programs through SMS messages without the user's knowledge.

iPhone OS 3.1 Will Paste Video to Email

We've seen how to paste full-resolution photos into email using iPhone OS 3.0. The latest reported changes to firmware 3.1 will allow even more functionality by making it possible for users to paste full-resolution video directly to email.

As seen in this video, it's a simple process. Just hold down and use the copy function, then switch to email and paste. This feature is illustrated using iPhone OS 3.1 beta 3, which was just released this week.


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