Apple Patent Looks To Add More Security Features To Find My iPhone

An Apple patent application highlighted some new and interesting security features that could be utilized with the Find My iPhone service in the future. The application entitled “Proactive Security for Mobile Devices” lists several countermeasures to protect your phone and the information stored on it.

Find My Iphone

A lost or stolen mobile device can increase its own security level if incorrect passwords are entered, or if a user remotely activates the security features. Owners can choose to protect certain files instead of locking the entire phone, and sensitive data can be scrambled instead of wiped, then re-accessed after the phone is retrieved. Users can even utilize a surveillance mode where the device can record voices or its surroundings to help identify a thief or the device's location.

iPhone 5 in Final Testing Stages

The next-generation iPhone hardware is reportedly in its "final testing stage," and looks to be on schedule for a fall launch, However, an Apple source told 9to5Mac that a deal has yet to be reached for 3G FaceTime over Verizon's network, and that the new iPhone may not have an 8-megapixel camera like we previously reported.

iOS 5 Features

Currently FaceTime is limited over a WiFi connection, or jailbroken phones that trick the device into thinking it's using a WiFi network. Even though iOS 5 supports 3G FaceTime and over-the-air updates, Verizon is still working out kinks and may be delayed in delivering both.

Apple Updates iPhone iOS on AT&T (4.3.2) and Verizon (4.2.7)

Apple has released the latest firmware files for iOS devices containing bug fixes and security updates. Verizon iPhone 4 owners were not left out of the fun this time, getting their own iOS 4.2.7 updates specifically for the CDMA device. Those experiencing blank or frozen FaceTime video issues should find that the firmware update fixes these problems.

iOS 4.3.2 firmware update iTunes Verizon 4.2.7

Both iPhone 4 and iPad 2 owners reported the FaceTime issue was affecting Apple devices running iOS 4.3. Another issue that was widely reported in the news was a connectivity problem causing issues with the iPad connecting to 3G networks.

Apple Highlights Ringtone Purchasing in iOS 4.3

Need a ringtone on the fly? If you don't mind spending money for a 30-second ringtone, Apple has you covered in iTunes. The latest iOS 4.3 release is the gold master and this firmware brings ringtone purchasing to the foreground. The update will be available to AT&T iPhone users starting on March 11, 2011.

apple iphone ringtones store

Currently if you're interested in buying a ringtone from Apple, you have to find the ringtone collection within the iTunes app. To navigate there now and preview ringtones you must open the iTunes app, select More from the bottom menu and choose Ringtones. Not difficult, however many iPhone users forget the feature is even an option.

CEO: Verizon Wireless NOT Getting iPhone in January

Millions and millions of wireless customers from Verizon and AT&T have said they're waiting to buy an iPhone until the device is available on America's largest carrier. Comments by Verizon Wireless CEO Ivan Seidenberg to investors at a Goldman Sachs conference give the impression that these people could be waiting a lot longer than they thought. Rumors have indicated the company will partner with Apple on the release of a CDMA iPhone as early as January 2011.

apple iphone verizon wireless LTE 4G

Instead, Seidenberg associated the iPhone with Verizon Wireless' upcoming Long Term Evolution (LTE) network, rolling out now and not scheduled to cover the entire US until December 2012. If you bought an iPhone now, that's only three months after your two-year AT&T contract would expire.


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