Get the New Leopard "Space" Wallpaper for your iPhone

Many of you are already using SummerBoard and it's accompanying theme "Leopard." While one of our favorite themes, the SummerBoard Leopard theme actually uses outdated wallpaper. If you'd like to update your iPhone Leopard look, read on.

You'll also find a link for the full size Leopard Aurora wallpaper at the end of this article.

An iPhoneFAQ forum member, trumac, recently added an iPhone-sized version of the Leopard wallpaper to our

OS X Leopard Notes Don't Sync with iPhone

A few weeks ago, it was reported by Mac OS X Leopard beta testers that Leopard's mail included notes feature akin to the Notes program on the iPhone. The optimistic, and somewhat logical, hope at the time was that notes on the iPhone would sync with notes in the new Leopard version of Mail. In fact, note syncing was even listed at one time in Apple's feature list for Leopard. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.

leopard mail has notes

According to a review of Leopard published by ITworld, though the Notes in Leopard and on the iPhone make look the same, smell

Max OS X Leopard to be Released October 26th

Though not technically iPhone news, the release of Apple's latest version of OS X, Leopard, is certainly of interest to many iPhone owners. And not simply because many iPhone owners are Mac owners. As the iPhone is based on a version of the OS X operating system, features and capabilities of the iPhone will likely be closely linked to Leopard - as they have been with the current version of OS X.

screen shot of os x leopard desktop showing file stacks

That said, Apple announced today that Max OS X Leopard will go on sale on October 26th at 6:00pm at both retail outlets and the Apple online store. According to Steve Jobs,

“Leopard, the sixth major release of Mac OS X, is the best upgrade we’ve ever released ... and everyone gets the ‘Ultimate’ version, packed with all the new innovative features, for just $129.”

According to Apple, the new version of Leopard brings over 300 new features to the table. Some of the

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