How to automatically share your ETA from Maps on iPhone

How to automatically send your ETA to contacts from Maps on iPhone and iPad.

Your estimated time of arrival (ETA) is useful information whether you are meeting up with friends or trying to coordinate with your spouse or co-workers. Every navigation app gives you your ETA, which you can relay to whomever with a simple text, but many now let you send it directly from the app, including Apple Maps. Apple already addressed sending ETA with the Home ETA shortcut in iOS 12.

How to quickly navigate home in Waze and Google Maps

How to add a Home shortcut to Waze, Google Maps and Maps to quickly get directions on iPhone.

Punching in your home address (or work or any common destination) in your favorite navigation app grows tiresome after a while, even if it is already there in your recent places. Thankfully both Waze and Google Maps offer shortcuts to directions to your favorite places through a simple 3D Touch and a tap. All you have to do is assign your home, work, etc. locations, then they will be available for quick navigation. Apple Maps, as you would expect, is supposed to have this functionality as well, but as of this writing it is not working properly in iOS 11.3

How do I use walkthrough 3D flyovers in Maps?

iOS 8 introduced 3D Flyover tours of various cities around the world, but they were guided in a sense - they flew you around the city as you sat back and watched. In iOS 11 you can control your flyover (though the guided flyovers are still available). To do so, search for a city, then tap the Flyover button. You can start the guided flyover with the "Start City Tour" button or control your own motion simply by tapping elsewhere on the screen.



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