How to use iOS Maps' indoor maps and lane guidance

How to use iOS 11 Maps new features on iPhone and iPad.

With every new iOS release come several new features that Apple enthusiastically introduces during its annual WWDC event, while a plethora of smaller features go unmentioned. The introduction of iOS 11 followed suit, spotlighting major changes to Control Center and screen shots, new AirPod controls and Screen Recording.

How do I avoid toll routes and highways on Maps?

When finding directions from point A to point B, the Maps app will by default choose the shortest (time-wise) route. You can, however, have it choose routes that avoid tolls and even highways if you prefer a more back-roads approach. Here's how to do it:

1. Open up Maps and find the directions you want as you normally would, then swipe the route tab up to reveal other routes and options.



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