How to turn off Netflix Auto-Play previews

Netflix DVD envelope

Losing an afternoon to a good Netflix series can be easy, especially since the streaming service grabs your attention with video previews while browsing. Netflix automatically starts playing previews for many titles, before they are selected for more information. While some subscribers like this feature, there are others who find it distracting. Recently, Netflix added the option to switch off autoplay previews for each profile in an account.

How to enable parental controls on Netflix

How to block mature content on Netflix on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

As of yet there is no universal way to block your children from watching unsuitable content at the device level - so you can't just go into your Apple TV settings and block all rated R movies, you have to go into each content provider's settings to do it. If you have Amazon Prime Video, you'll have to go into its settings to restrict viewing, same for Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+ HBO and so on. Here's how to restrict viewing on Netflix:

How to watch HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix and more offline with PlayOn Cloud

How to watch HBO, Showtime, Hulu, Netflix and more offline with PlayOn Cloud on iPhone and iPad.

Instead of TV shows and movies consolidating under the umbrella of a single source as many of us once hoped for, there has been an explosion of original content from a plethora of sources that keeps us picking and choosing our subscriptions à la carte. Some of these providers let you download content to watch offline, some don't, and some charge extra for the service.


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