Netflix Gets iOS 7 Redesign and New Icon

Netflix subscribers can enjoy a brand new interface thanks to a refresh of the universal iOS app. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users running iOS 6.0 or later can install version 6.0 of Netflix free of charge. In addition to bug fixes, the update includes a redesigned icon for iOS 7.

Netflix iOS 7 refresh

Faster startup for video playback is one of the improvements listed by Netflix under the app description in iTunes. Netflix members can instantly watch thousands of shows and movies from anywhere with connectivity on their iOS devices.

Netflix Gets iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Display Update

Netflix just got better on the iPhone with an update designed to take advantage of the larger 16:9 aspect ratio screen on the iPhone 5. This means that when watching many films streaming they fill the entire screen edge-to-edge, with no black borders or letterboxing.

Netflix 16:9 aspect iOS 6

Given the small size of the iPhone screen for movie watching, every millimeter counts. Netflix also optimized the searching and browsing screens to take advantage of the additional display real estate. This improved the process of looking for movie titles and getting information on the wide variety of content available to Netflix subscribers.

Netflix iPhone App With Instant Streaming Available Now

The wait is finally over for Netflix subscribers interested in streaming video on their iPhones. The highly anticipated Netflix app version 1.1.0 went live in iTunes and can be downloaded for free. Netflix subscribers now have access to their Instant Queue and can watch movies using a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

apple iphone ios app netflix

Movies that are interrupted can be continued on the iPhone later or on other devices such as an iPad or a computer. The new iOS app is a universal app, meaning it also works on the Apple iPad. Netflix includes high-speed scrubbing controls and switches between full letterbox format and a zoomed video view which fills more of the iPhone screen.

Netflix Surveys Users About iPhone App

Could it be that Netflix is moving closer towards developing an application that would allow subscribers to watch instantly on the iPhone? A new survey question has been discovered that suggests Netflix is gauging interest in a Wi-Fi movie streaming app.

In the past, Netflix used a similar strategy prior to the release of their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 applications. Support for instant watching is also on its way to the Wii console this spring. Netflix is performing market research constantly and often circulates up to 20 surveys at a time.

mSpot Launches iPhone Streaming Movie Rentals

Looks like mSpot has beaten Netflix to the punch. mSpot Mobile Movies will stream movie rentals to your iPhone or any of 30 compatible mobile devices. The movies are delivered over Wi-Fi or 3G connections on demand.

iphone streaming movie rental mspot

To test your mobile device for compatibility, mSpot sends a text message with a link to the service (iPhone users can enter the URL directly into Safari). Movie Club members can purchase credits that expire at the end of the month if unused. A more expensive option is a one-time rental of $4.99. The movie can be watched for 24-48 hours depending on the film.


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