Use Siri to send money with PayPal

Now Siri can be used to deliver money to iOS contacts with PayPal. Sending a payment in 30 different countries is as simple as saying "Hey Siri, send Omar $60 with PayPal." The money will be delivered after confirming transaction details in a dialog box. In fact, payments can be sent or requested using natural language. As long as the word PayPal is included in the command, Siri will understand how to proceed.

Grab an iTunes Gift Card Directly from PayPal

Now all that's needed to buy an iTunes gift card is a PayPal account. The online payment service has launched a new feature called PayPal Digital Gifts, with iTunes gift cards as its first product offering. Of course, when buying a gift card the cost is immediately debited directly from your PayPal account.

Apple Gift cards PayPal

The iTunes gift cards are available from PayPal in $15, $25, $50 and $100 denominations, except that $15 and $25 cards are currently sold out. When purchasing the cards there's an option to "Buy for Me" or gift the cards for someone else. Keep in mind, however that the cards are only valid for purchases on the U.S. iTunes store.

PayPal Announces Completely Reimagined iPhone and Android App

PayPal has immersed itself deeper into the mobile payment world by completely redesigning its iOS and Android apps. The company has also sweetened the deal by offering $100 worth of in-store deals to those who choose its app over other mobile payment options.

PayPal's iOS app will begin offering the ability to order ahead at local restaurants and cafes, and will allow independent merchants to offer a line of credit to PayPal users with the new "BillMeLater" option. The app also now features a way to search for local businesses who accept PayPal payments, and a "Pay at Table" tab for viewing and paying your bill at participating restaurants.

PayPal Launches iPhone Card Reader for Payments

PayPal is taking a new step into the smartphone arena with an iPhone accessory designed to accept payments anywhere there's a data connection. When we first wrote up competitor Square in 2009, the concept of a small device that plugs into the headphone jack and accepts credit card data was a work in progress.

PayPal iPhone accessory

The latest entry into the market is dubbed PayPal Here, and moves PayPal's services even further into the offline, brick and mortar world of commerce. Not only does PayPal's device and software swipe credit cards, but merchants can process checks using the iPhone camera, track cash payments or send invoices out for later payment.

Updated PayPal iPhone App Will Scan Checks

The PayPal iPhone app already makes it convenient to access your account and transfer money on-the-go. Two people can even bump iPhones to exchange currency between two accounts. Now PayPal will add check depositing capabilities to an impending app update.

apple iphone app PayPal

By simply taking a photo of your check with the iPhone camera, you'll be able to deposit the money directly to your PayPal account. Of course PayPal isn't the first to launch this technology in an iPhone app. USAA Bank and Chase have both integrated check scanning into their mobile apps.

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