Let Siri Answer Your Jailbreaking Questions

The popular Siri tweak AssistantExtensions has received an update. The Jailbreak FAQ Addon gives Siri the ability to answer your jailbreaking questions. Reading Siri an error message will prompt her to explain the problem and offer a fix. The addon will even answer questions about iTune errors that you may encounter while updating.


If you are new to AssistantExtensions it is available for free in the BigBoss repo. The Siri tweak adds built-in custom conversations, the ability to add your own Siri questions and responses, and it even teaches Siri to launch apps and search for YouTube videos.

Is Apple Blocking Siri on non-iPhone 4S Devices?

Several reports about Apple altering its requirements for Siri are causing people to wonder if the company is trying to block non-iPhone 4S devices from using the voice assistant. A new token is causing a problem for owners who are trying to connect using jailbreak tools like Spire.


Originally to get Siri to work on an non-iPhone 4S device you only needed a sever host and iPhone 4S certificate. However, according to several forums and Twitter, Apple has added a SetActivationToken which is causing issues with 3rd party servers. Thankfully their seems to be a temporary workaround.

Teach Siri to Read Your Twitter Timeline

There is a new Cydia tweak that teaches Siri to display the last five tweets from your Twitter timeline. I haven't quite figured out why it's needed, but a few improvements may make it a more useful tool in the future.

Siri Tweaks

The tweak is called TweetLine, and it can be located in the ModMyi repo under "Sources" in the Cydia Store. Once installed just say the word "Timeline" to prompt Siri to access your Twitter account. She will then show you the last five tweets from your timeline. You will also need the free Twitter app from the iTunes App Store for it to work.

Can I use Siri to update Twitter / Facebook?

Apple launched Siri beta with iOS 5 along with native Twitter integration. One thing that Siri can't do, however is update Twitter or Facebook directly. There is no built-in support for Siri to send updates to these social networking sites.

Luckily there is a simple workaround. Because Twitter can be updated via text message, Siri is capable of sending an update via text. See these instructions to configure your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to accept text message updates.



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