Spotify launches new features, including video and podcasts

Spotify update

In case you missed last week's media event, Spotify announced a long list of new features. These additions to the mobile music service are now rolling out to users, offering what the company describes as the "most entertaining Spotify ever". 25 billion hours of listening data collected over the past seven years means Spotify can recommend playlists based on any time of day or activity.

Spotify Now Free for iOS and Android Devices

Spotify announced today that its mobile app will now be free on iOS and Android devices. The free version of the popular music streaming service was previously only available on desktop browsers. Just like Pandora, the free service will be supported by advertisements, and it will only give users access to specific select tracks. The new service will begin rolling out to mobile users starting today.

Free Mobile Spotify

You will still need a premium account if you want an ad-free experience or other benefits like offline listening. A Spotify premium plan costs $9.99 per month and gives you the ability to play any song at any time.

How do I delete a Spotify radio station on iOS?

You can't. The Spotify app for iOS provides free streaming radio service for anyone with a data connection. Selecting a genre, song or artist will play similar music and create a radio station under Your Stations in Spotify Radio. So what if you create a Spotify radio station and want to remove it from the list?

Once created, radio stations in the iOS Spotify app cannot be deleted. As of the current release (version there is no way to remove or hide a radio station after it appears in Your Stations.


Spotify Adds Discover Tab to iOS App

The music streaming service Spotify has finally added the Discover option to its iOS app. The music recommendation tab has been available on Android devices since 2012. The Discover feature makes suggestions based on a user's listening history and playlists. Version 0.7.1 also adds the ability to edit playlists, and introduces a new Now Playing view. The ability to add or remove tracks from your playlists was previously only available on the iPad. Spotify also updated its icon to fit the new look of iOS 7, and has tweaked the user interface to make it easier to navigate.


The Spotify app is free to download from the App Store, however, you will need a Premium account to access all the features. Premium features include: Instant access to millions of songs, online streaming, offline capabilities, the ability to create and sync playlists, plus more.


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