How do I put my iPhone 3GS into DFU / recovery mode?

To put your iPhone into recovery (DFU) mode:

1. Make sure the iPhone is off and unplugged from your computer.
2. Hold down the home button.
3. While holding down the home button plug the iPhone into your computer.
4. Continue to hold the home button until the Apple logo disappears and the iTunes logo appears.
5. Now you can let go of the home button.
6. iTunes will say it has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.

How can I force my iPhone to reboot / restart / reset?

Sometimes your iPhone can lock up completely and not respond to any input. In this case, the iPhone can usually be forced to reboot.

On the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and earlier models:

  1. Hold down the sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously.
  2. Let go when the Apple logo appears and the iPhone is booting up.

Starting with the iPhone 7 this procedure has changed. Click here to see the button combination that resets the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and later.

How can I restore my iPhone with iTunes when it boots to a black screen?

If your iPhone fails to boot up repeatedly you may have to restore it with iTunes and your computer. To restore the iPhone completely follow these steps:

1. Before you connect your iPhone with the USB cable, start iTunes. Make sure iTunes is finished downloading podcasts, updating, etc.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and wait 10-15 seconds for the connection.
3. Press and hold both the sleep/wake button and home button on your iPhone.
4. After 10 seconds, release the sleep/wake button and continue to hold the home button only.

How can I stop my iPhone from dropping calls?

When your iPhone drops calls left and right even with a strong signal indicated, there are a few things you can do to correct the problem:

1. Turn your iPhone off once a day for 30 seconds. This will reset its communication with cell towers in the area.

2. Turn off 3G service and use EDGE. Settings -> General -> Network -> Enable 3G. Users have experienced more voice stability with EDGE in some areas.

3. Call your service provider. They will know if cell towers are degraded in your area. Your carrier can also file a report for network technicians to investigate.


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