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Netflix and the TV app: Perfect together

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When Apple's TV app was announced it promised to unify the viewing experience for streaming content across the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Not only does TV make it possible to pick up a show exactly where you left off, but the app brings content from a variety of different apps and sources into a central place. Notably absent from TV at launch was Netflix, however this has all changed.

How to stop Apple TV home button from opening the TV app

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Noticed the home button on your Apple TV doesn't go to home anymore? Once updated to tvOS 10.1, the default behavior of the home button on Siri Remote changes automatically. Instead of returning to the home screen, the home button opens the TV app. Apple introduced the TV app to help unify all of the different streaming services and media libraries in one place.

How to add channels to the TV app on your iPhone

How to connect tv channels to the iOS TV app on iPhone.

Apple's new TV app, which is currently available in beta and set to officially launch in early December, is intended to unify all of your media apps, making their content accessible from one place. Rather than opening your FXNOW app to watch American Horror Story, then exiting and signing in to your USA app to watch Mr. Robot, you will be able to access both from the TV app on your iPhone and iPad. The app has a Watch Now section that allows you to browse selections from all of your connected apps, a Library that contains your purchased media and a Store to purchase new media.

Will Apple's TV app 'completely change' how you watch TV?

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While most of the buzz surrounding Apple's media event this week circled around the new MacBook and its Touch Bar, there were some other very interesting tidbits that surfaced. One major development for Apple TV owners is the announcement of a new app: TV. Apple claims this app will "completely change" how you watch TV with your Apple devices. Apple seeks to do nothing less than completely integrate all digital content sources in one place, vastly simplifying the process of watching your content.


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