Voice Control

What words are on the list of iPhone 3GS voice control commands?

Here's a list of voice commands:

Say call or dial then say the name of a contact to call them. If they have more than one phone number you can follow this with HOME or MOBILE for example.

Say call or dial then speak a phone number to call the number.

Starts music playing in the iPod app. Say PAUSE or PAUSE MUSIC, NEXT SONG or PREVIOUS SONG, SHUFFLE to control play.

Say play then say ALBUM, ARTIST or PLAYLIST and the name to play the specific selection.

How can I disable voice dialing when the iPhone is locked?

Sometimes it's handy to voice dial when your iPhone is locked with a passcode. You can skip all of the steps required to unlock the phone and call by simply holding the home button until Voice Control prompts you for a command.

This also leaves your contacts open to anyone who finds the iPhone but doesn't know your passcode. To make sure the iPhone will only voice dial when unlocked, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock
2. Enter your passcode
3. Select Voice Dial -> OFF


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