How can I turn off the home screen preview of SMS/text messages?

How can I turn off the home screen preview of SMS/text messages?

You may not want to see the little preview of text messages that turn up on your home screen when a new text (SMS) message comes in. To turn this off, head to your iPhone settings and go to:

iOS 7/8 UPDATE: Turn off text message, SMS and iMessage previews in alerts, banners and Notification Center with the following setting:

Settings -> Notifications -> Messages -> Show Previews -> OFF (gray switch, NOT green)

Turning off 'Show Previews' will disable the text message preview on your iPhone.

You can also use this screen to set other parameters for alerts, including Alert Style.


I turned off the preview but when my phone is unlocked it still shows a preview on the banner and not the usual contact name and "text message" or "iMessage" like the ios7 did
I deactivated the interactive texting but it still doesn't hide the preview

On my iPhone it doesn't have 'show previews' what do I do?

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how do I on my I phone 5 get rid of the little badge icon that shows I have 1 message in the General section under settings its so annoying it wont let me do anything with it even when I agree to the up-date?

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I think the intent was to turn off the banner or alert window displayed when a message arrives.
If preview is on, the sender's ID and a obat gondok few lines of the message is displayed in the banner or alert window when the message arrives.

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Thx! It works. Especially, there is a comment below regarding the kind of alerts. So, for me, it was great to turn off notifications and no banners. Great! Now I can get the texts from my girlfriends without much trouble! Also use nicknames ;)

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